FAQs - Infection Control

Q1.  What is Infection Control?


Infection control’ refers to policies and procedures used to minimise the risk of spreading infections such as the common cold and flu (influenza).
Source:  http://medical-dictionary.com/infectionpluscontrol

Q2.  What is an infection?


Our body is under constant attack by small, tiny organisms called germs. These germs, attack our body causing damage to the body or part of the body. This is called an infection. Sometimes they may cause an infection only in one particular part of the body like your eyes, lungs etc. or may affect the whole body causing fever. Our body tries to fight these germs with the help of the white blood cells and the antibodies. Sometimes, we may need to take medicines like antibiotics that almost kill the germs. Every year many people suffer from infections such as the common cold and the flu caused by the influenza virus.

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